Felicia Cirstea is a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada.

Felicia was born and raised in Bucharest Romania, and graduated from the illustration program at OCADU in Toronto in 2007. Having lived in different places throught her life including the beautiful island of Antigua, Felicia draws inspiration from nature, culture and her Romanian heritage.  Felicia’s work explores existentialist themes such as human despair, life and death in relationship to an ever changing cultural environment. The women in Felicia’s paintings represent the human element as self reflections of the artist’s own emotional journey. The bright and colourful paintings create a sense of hope and survival while carrying messages that are rooted in the artist past experiences. The patterns represent the cycles of nature which continue to flow and connect infinitely and are inspired by her Romanian heritage as well as European architecture. Felicia’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally and her illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines, while features and press include Digital Arts Magazine UK (print), IdN Magazine (print), Juxtapoz (online) and Format (online).



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