Lady Alfa Romeo Work In Progress


Illustration is all about sketches and planning. Although my signature illustration style seems very spontaneous, what I came to learn over the years, is that a great sketch can make up for a great illustration. When a client gets in touch and requires sketches, the first thing I do, is research the key elements that will play a significant part in the final artwork.

For example, in my collaboration with Alfa Romeo, I had to incorporate in the final artwork a racing car. My research started with the vintage picture collection that I was given as reference material; after a look thorough all the images given, I fell in love with the 1930 Spider model, and decided to go to the Public Reference Library and find more images about Alfa Romeo, as well as about the car racing scene in the 30’s. From this point on, I had an idea about the direction I was taking. I knew it had to be surreal, fun, and of course feminine. This way, I came across my second main element, the sea serpent.I choose the sea serpent because it is present on the Alfa Romeo’s logo, and also because it carries the fantastical role that I was looking for.

Knowing what my main points of reference were going to be, I started sketching.


Bellow is an example of a refined sketch that was presented to the client and approved for further development. The final artwork can be found on the lifestyle illustration gallery page of my website:

alfa romeo sketch_1_lowres