Strange Brew for More Magazine

It has been quite a while since my last post! that’s because my website has gone through another design change that required some technical detail and time.

A while ago, I have finished illustrating a story for More Canada called “Strange Brew”. The story focuses on ayahuasca and one writer’s experience with it.

Ayahuasca- “the vine of the soul”, is made from two different plants boiled together by shamans in the amazonian forests as part of a religious ritual. This brew is also known for its properties to cure everything from depression to gastrointestinal disorders.
The article focuses on one writer’s experience with ayahuasca describing spiritual pursuit, cleansing your mind and finding inner peace.

Below you can see some of my initial concepts for the story, and one sketch that was developed further. Besides the main illustration I was asked to create a spot illustration as well. My sketches are usually very rough as I like to communicate my ideas briefly but at the same time leaving room for the spontaneous drawing and textures.

I have included in this post some work in progress as well as the final illustrations. As you can see, my whimsical and psychedelic style seemed to be a perfect fit for this assignment.