Developing personal work is something crucial to an illustrator’s own creative growth. What goes on in the mind of a creative person is often mysterious and hard to put into words. That’s why the ability to take those intricate thoughts, ideas and feelings and articulate them into an image is the very powerful meaning of developing a personal illustration style. When developing personal work as an illustrator, the ideas communicated become more than visuals to support a client’s brief; they become the medium of expression of an artist. An artist who has emotional depth and who sees the world through a filtered personal lens.

So I love making personal work. It makes me stay connected with why I love illustration and at the same time it gives me an opportunity to become the creative director where I am in charge of all the elements of the project from inception to production. It is through this process that I learn about the explorations of ideas, their execution in a time specific frame and how an audience responds to the final artwork.

This particular illustration is based on the idea of personal fears. We all have them. I wanted to explore the idea of money, so I called this piece “Financial Fears”. Money – the universal term for putting a price on everything; the feeling of being trapped in a system with no escape; a metaphor of modern life.

The creative process involved drawing in pencil and colouring the final illustration with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Working this way I always end up with more than one version as you can see below. I loved the idea of a white snake. However the blue coloured snake conveys the darker thought of fear better.