Felicia Cirstea is a Romanian-Canadian contemporary visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Felicia Cirstea completed her studies at OCAD University and Toronto School of Arts. Her practice involves drawing and painting informed from a background in illustration and design. Felicia investigates themes of personal identity, self-discovery, survival and cultural displacement influenced by religious and spiritual experiences. Using abstraction and representation Felicia’s paintings carry a visual language influenced by architectural religious spaces particularly Eastern Orthodox, Romanian folk art, Art Nouveau, Renaissance, Art Deco Illustration and nature.

Felicia Cirstea studied illustration and she was the recipient of many awards and accolades while she had collaborations with many magazines including O, The Oprah Magazine and institutions such as the Canadian Mental Health Association. Most recently her fine art work was shown solo at The Artist Project (Toronto), in a group exhibition at Auto BLDG (Toronto) and Collision Gallery (Toronto). She has completed the Akin Studio Program Year 2 in partnership with MOCA Toronto.


"I am a multidisciplinary Romanian-Canadian artist living and working in Toronto. My recent oil paintings called “Alterations” utilize stylized figurative representation with a focus on imagery reminiscent of religious art and concepts. As a child, going to church with my grandparents in a small village in Romania was a beautiful experience. I was fascinated by the collective act of prayer and the rituals that took place at the church. I was also very confused by the male representation of icon saints and by the fact that women weren’t allowed to pass behind the church’s altar. I was curious to know what was behind the doors of the church’s iconostasis and why weren’t women allowed to enter it? The art I now produce is trying to address that question by imagining a world where women are at the centre of spiritual experiences embodying divine qualities that have historically been attributed to men. I am really interested in altering ideas and notions of religion and spirituality to better understand the relationship between Eastern and Western culture and the patriarchal systems that have shaped women’s identities including my own. 

My art is defined by an aesthetic influenced by my mixed cultural experiences of living between Romanian post-communism, Canadian capitalism and the Caribbean island of Antigua. I am drawn to Art Nouveau, Byzantine Art, Romanian folk art, Art Deco illustration, Renaissance, abstract expressionism and nature. I puzzle shapes, architectural details, florals, lines, patterns and colors around figurative drawing in a way that feels cohesive and imaginative while my process is informed by my illustration and design background. Guided by a combination of intuition and research I utilize digital collage, drawing, painting and handmade braided canvas to explore creative paths that lead to unexpected results while questioning the mysticism behind the iconostasis’s doors."



Born in Bucharest, Romania.


Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada,  2003-2007

Toronto School of Arts, Toronto, Canada, 2002-2003


Akin Studio Program Year 2, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada, 2019-2020


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The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Better Living Centre, Toronto, Canada, 2019

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